About Vital Spam:
Vital Spam consists of Lotta Nilsson and Mårten Ronsten. A duo with lifetime experience of the Swedish pop and rock scene. In addition to this experience, there are also some theater and movie-music project on board. When Lotta and Mårten by chance started working together in a totally different project, they soon noticed that there was a common musical language, despite differing musical references. The desire to cultivate the music further grew strong. The collaboration resulted in Vital Spam and “It does’t have to mean anything” is the long awaited debut.

About the music:
Lotta was raised and musically influenced by pop/soul/rock from the second half of the 80’s and throughout the 90’s. Mårten’s roots are found in art rock and ethnic music in all its forms. Vital Spam is an unmistakable blend of the duo’s background; Pop with elements of soul, R’n’B, art rock and ethno, seasoned with a little mystery.

Hope you like…